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Our Process


“Dehydration is the Smarter & Natural way to preserve onion and garlic from Oxidization without adding colour, flavour or preservatives so this process is 100% GMO free.”

Buhler Colour Sorting:

Separating the roots and other colour particles from the product & spices. Best Machine for Food Industry.



Fe & No Fe Metal detecting online & Ofline:

For removal of Fe & Non Fe particles we used online & ofline magnets & metal detectors & Separators.



Milling/Cutting/Chopping/ Granulating:

Indo Euro Incorporated is master in terms of different particle sizing and milling industries. Fine mesh powder & different size of particle called chopped, minced & granules produce under excellent hygienic condition.

Hand sorting:

We also do hand sorting process for some our spice, Onion & garlic flakes for better accuracy.




ETO & Irradiation:

For USA, Brazil & Latin American customer, we do ethylene trioxide (ETO) & Gamma Irradiation treatment. This process are not for European clients.